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Stanwix School

Value the individual, inspire, enjoy and excel

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Teaching Staff

Mrs K McMullan       Headteacher
Mr C Steele      Deputy Headteacher
Miss I Bibby    EYFS Teacher
Mr B Wheatley    EYFS Teacher
SLT Mrs F Reed    Year 1 Teacher
Mrs J Taylor    Year 1 Teacher
Mrs J Adams    Year 1 Teacher
Mrs L Walkingshaw    Teacher
Miss M Harkins    Year 2 Teacher
Mrs S Ruddick    Year 2 Teacher
Mrs R Stevenson    Year 3 Teacher
Miss J Fullerton    Year 3 Teacher
Miss S Fitzsimons   Year 4 Teacher
Mrs J Blain    Year 4 Teacher
Mrs A Clark    Year 5 Teacher
Miss K Patterson    Year 5 Teacher
Mrs A Sheilds    Year 5 Teacher
SLT Mrs V Jenner    Year 5 Teacher
Mrs J Wilson    Year 6 Teacher
Miss J Reed    Year 6 Teacher
Miss R Helm    Year 6 Teacher
Mrs K Thompson SENCO/Computing Teacher
Mrs C Redman-Stewart    Music Teacher

Teaching Assistants 


Mrs C Armstrong  Ms J Barton Mrs C Bell Miss S Carruthers
Mrs C Chandler Mrs A Cowper Mr P Crook Mrs J Gardiner
Mrs S Grieve Mrs K Hand Miss L McMullan

Mr R Middleton (Trainee)

Mrs M Moran Mrs E Pearson Mrs L Stoddart Miss K Taylor (Trainee)
Mrs K Walker Mrs A Watson Miss L Codona  



 Admin Staff


Mrs E Farnworth - Finance Mrs A Irving   Miss M Stokoe  
Miss E Graham    



Midday Supervisors


Mrs A Bouguila Mrs K Conley
Mrs L Forsyth Mrs M Graham
Mrs S Graham Mrs S Porter
Mrs A Uppard Mrs T Walls
Mrs E Young Mrs C Stockdale


Wraparound Care


Mrs M Graham Mrs S Graham Mrs T Walls
Mrs L Forsyth    


Site Manager


Mr W Cork




Mrs Z Cameron Mrs Devlin Mrs H Scott


Cleaning Staff