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Bright Stars


Today we held a meeting to catch up and bring together our work on the recent fundraising plans. We have had to change the original plans for the disco, and postpone it to another date, due to other activities taking place in school. The discos will now take place on Tuesday 19th June. The Y6 Bright Stars are going to write a letter to parents with all of the information about the discos.





Sweet Treat Friday.

On the 27th May we had a sweet sale. We filled paper bags with sweets and went around classes selling them for 50p. By the end of the day we had earned a fantastic £154.79. The children in school loved the sweet bags and it was a great treat at the end of the week!




Cake Sale. £382.91

On Monday 23rd May, we had a cake sale in the hall to raise money for Bright Stars. First, we planned the cake sale, then we asked students, parents and staff to bake cakes and bring them in. Then we sold the cakes to pupils and parents. It was so successful that we ran out of cakes to sell!


Raffle. £289.94

Stanwix held their raffle on 23rd May. We handed out raffle strips and priced them at £1. Each student could buy up to 2 strips. The raffle was drawn with many amazing prizes to be won such as a smart phone and ear pods. We ended up raising a whopping £290!


Some of our Y6 Bright Stars drew the raffle and videoed the results. This was posted on our whole school Class Dojo page so that the results were shared with everyone!




Coffee, Tea & Biscuit Sale. £384.15

On Friday 20th May, a coffee sale was held in the hall. Parents arrived just before all the children were collected and were given a large selection of cakes and biscuits, very kindly baked by our school cooks. We raised £384.15 and added it to our total. This was part of our celebrations for Multicultural week, parents were invited into classrooms after school to view all of the amazing work that has been done over the week.




Pyjama Movie Day. £310

On Friday 13th May, we had a pyjama and movie day. This was one of the many fundraisers we have planned for our project. Our total profit was £310. This amount will go towards making a difference to our school which will also be added to the other amounts from fundraisers.




Today we held a meeting to put together some plans for our fundraising. We split up into smaller groups to bring our ideas to life through sketches and plans. It was great to meet up with pupils from other year groups as we all had different ideas.





Today was our first fundraiser. It was ‘dress up in your favourite colour’. It was a fun day and nearly everyone dressed up and we raised £344.

What a great start to our fundraising!





Hi everyone. This week we have been planning what sort of activities we can do for the next 8 weeks of Stanwix Healthy Minds.

We are planning non-uniform days, disco nights, movie and pyjama days and sweet Fridays.

This week we have held meetings in smaller groups to discuss different fundraiser ideas.





Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 will be participating in an exciting 8-week mini competition designed to introduce children to leadership, entrepreneurship and the world of business from a young age whilst building confidence and self-belief in children as they showcase hidden talents along the way.

The scheme has been running for 8 years and is a great way for businesses and schools to forge ongoing links and help organisations develop their own staff in the process. This year the project focusses on ‘making a difference’. The children, with support from their business mentors, will have 8 weeks to lead a digital campaign on an issue that matters most to them or something they want to make better in their local communities.

Our school has been linked with Online Systems and we are working with Kerrie who is one of the managers of the company. She will be sharing her expertise in business in which the children will be able to learn and apply these business skills.

We have decided on the theme of ‘Wellbeing‘ and making a difference in the school community. There will be exciting events occurring during these 8 weeks so please look out for further information in due course and any support would be most welcome.