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Stanwix School

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What do parents say about Stanwix School?

Here are some of the comments that parents of children who are new to the school have made.

  • We have been treated with kindness at every opportunity, nothing has ever been too much of an ask, we could not have asked for a better start to school. 
  • The communication has been really great!
  • The teaching staff, including breakfast and afterschool club, have had such an impact on [our child] starting school, that he loves it and enjoys coming every single day.
  • I am sure it takes a lot of extra time for staff members to keep parents updated with things going on and uploading photos. It has been very useful and [our child] has really enjoyed his first year at school!
  • I would like to pass on my thanks, especially to Miss Bibby and Mrs Watson; they are amazing teachers and could not ask for a better set of teachers for reception year. They actively encourage at every opportunity, they are kind and thoughtful as well as great role models for the children.
  • [Our child] has had some struggles this year with reading; the teachers have been so supportive. They have sent home extra learning resources at no cost to ourselves and actively encouraged him at every single interaction.

(Due to data protection laws, names of children have been removed from these comments)