The school Governing Body is made up of Governors from a variety of backgrounds, these include the Head Teacher, some parents, members of the local community, staff Governors and Governors appointed by the LEA. These Governors help the Head Teacher and the staff to run the school, with the primary aim of raising standards and promoting effective teaching and learning throughout the school.

The key areas of concern for the governing body are the people in the school, the school environment, the curriculum and the finances of the school. In order to look after these areas appropriately the governing body has two committees each with their own areas to address. The two committees are the staffing finance and premises committee and the curriculum committee. These committees meet every half term and report to the main governing body, which also meets every half term.

The Teaching and Achievement Committee deals with the implementation of the National Curriculum and the Foundation Stage Profile, this committee also reviews school policies.

The Staffing Finance and Premises Committee deals with all areas of the school relating to people. These include staffing, pupils, health and safety, budget and safeguarding.

The Governors are appointed on a four-yearly basis and those currently serving are:

  • Ray Helm, Chair –
  • Sue Chappell, Vice Chair
  • David Thompson
  • Elizabeth Mallinson
  • Michael Johnston
  • Catherine Briggs
  • Shelley Hayward
  • Kuldip McMullan, Headteacher
  • Imogen Bibby , Teacher
  • Joanne Davidson, Teacher
  • Amanda Watson, Teaching Assistant
  • Megan Stokoe, Clerk to the Governors

Governors Declaration of Interest

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Stanwix School Final Accounts 2016-17

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