Sports News

Here is just a selection of the sporting activities in which Stanwix school has been successful in over the past couple of years. The school has participated in numerous other sporting events above and beyond those mentioned.

The high quality Physical Education provided by Stanwix School offers wide-ranging benefits for every child. The School consistently achieves success in competition, both at local and regional level and in 2012 the School were Winners of the coveted Bill Pringle Award for achievement in Sport. A healthy, active lifestyle, both at school and at leisure:

  • Improves a child’s concentration, behaviour, attentiveness, attainment and self esteem.
  • Helps children to develop social skills, including teamwork and leadership abilities.
  • Offers indisputable long-term health benefits, including lower rates of obesity and improved general fitness, which in turn lead to a reduction in the risk of a range of health problems.

Why not go to Sainsburys School games site to find out more information. Stanwix school are committed to participating in school competitions, below are some of our successes to date.




Key Steps Clusters, all age groups, Winners 2013.
Under 9 County Champions, 2012 and Individual Champion, 2012.
U11 Regional Winners, 2012 and Individual Champion, 2012.
Year 2 Key Steps Cluster Winners and District Finals Third, 2012.
Year 3-4 Key Steps Cluster Winners and District Finals Second, 2012.
Year 3-4 Key Steps City Winners, 2013.
Girl’s Under 11 Team, Winners 2013.
Under 11 Mixed Team, Winners 2013.
Under 9 Girls Team, 2013 Second Place.
Under 9 Boys and Girls, Individual Champions 2013.
Under 11 Girls, Individual Champion 2013.
Vault and Carita House Finalists, National Qualifiers for Floor, 2012.
Trio Girls Team and Trio Mixed Team, Regional Champions 2013.
Fifth, Seventh and Eighth Place, National Championships, 2013.


Carlisle Champions Boys and Mixed, 2011.
Boys Schools Champions, 2011 and 2013.
Years 3/4, Carlisle Boys Winners, 2011.
Years 3/4, Carlisle Girls Winners, 2011.
Years 5/6, Carlisle Boys Winners.


Carlisle Team Champions, 2011.
Carlisle Boys Champions, 2012.
Carlisle Team Champions, 2013.
Carlisle Sportshall Athletics Champions, 2013, 2012


Years 5-6 Boys, Carlisle Schools, County and North of England Winners AND National Finalists, 2011, 2013.
Years 5-6 Boys, Carlisle Schools Winners, going on to represent Cumbria at the North of England Finals, 2012.
Years 5-6 Girls, Carlisle Schools and County Finalists and represented Cumbria in the North of England Finals, 2012.


Years 5-6, Carlisle Schools 7-a-Side Champions, County Finalists, 2012.
Years 5-6, Carlisle United Champions, North of England Finalists, 2012, 2013.


Years 4-6, Carlisle Schools and County Finalists, 2012.
Years 4-6, Carlisle Schools Winners, 2013.


Years 3-4, Carlisle and County Finalists, 2011.


Years 3-4, Carlisle Schools and School Games Winners, 2012, 2013.
Years 5-6, Carlisle Schools Winners and County Finalists, 2011, 2012, 2013.


Year 4, Carlisle Champions, 2012.