School Clubs

Chess Club : Mr Crook

Stanwix School chess club has been extremely successful over recent years. Children from Year 3 to Year 6 compete in a variety of competitions through the year. The school has had a number of City and County winners and are 2013 team of four team champions.

Gym Club – Mrs Reed & Miss Reed

The school gym club has had success from local competitions all the way up to National events. Throughout the year children have the opportunity to train and compete in different events from year two upwards.

Netball Club – Miss Davidson

Netball club is held for Year 5 and Year 6 children. Occasional competitions are held where children compete against other schools. Children develop skills of passing and receiving and learn about tactical awareness.

Rugby Club – Mrs Blain 

Stanwix School has a long tradition with rugby with links to Carlisle Rugby club. Children from year 3 to year 6 can attend the tag rugby sessions. Most recently our team has succeeded in winning the Carlisle schools championship and competed at County level.

Cricket – Mr Clark

Cricket over recent years has become one of our most successful clubs with links to Carlisle and Great Corby Cricket Club. Children from years 5 and year 6 learn batting / bowling and fielding skills. The schools team has won the local county and regional championships and competed at Headingley for the Northern National Finals.

Football – Mr  Bulman

Stanwix School football teams compete throughout the year with team selection vehemently fought after. The teams have been successful in winning local and regional competitions. Competitions include those for year 5/6 and year 3/4.

Library –  Mrs Stewart

Our library is open for all children each week to choose new and exchange books. With our new library computer children can see what books are available from home and even write their own reviews.

Choir – Mrs Stewart

The school choir takes place during school time for children in years 3 to 6. Children get the opportunity to perform in front of a variety of audiences such as at the Christmas assemblies, the elderly care home and even the Sands Centre.

Orchestra – Mrs Stewart

Orchestra meet once a week where children who are learning an instrument can learn to perform together. Children have the opportunity to perform at the Carlisle Music and Drama festival and at an end of year concert.

Climbing Club – Mr Crook

Climbing club takes place throughout the year with small groups getting the opportunity to go to the local climbing walls. Children learn the skills of climbing, abseiling and traversing. Some of the children may get chosen to represent the school at the Eden Rock climbing competition.

Art Club – Mr Steele and Miss Davidson

Art Club offers children the opportunity to create and explore art.

Dance Club -Miss Stokoe and Miss Davidson

Dance Club meet once a week to developed new and exciting dance routines and have recently taken part in The Big Dance at the Sands Centre winning a range of awards.

Badminton – Mrs Stoddart 

Badminton club offers the opportunity to learn a new sport.  This club teaches both the rules and skills needed to be a team player.

Cookery Club – Mrs Thompson

Cookery Club allows children to make and eat a wide range of sweet and savoury foods.  Learning about following a recipe, measuring and healthy eating.

Golf – Miss Davidson and Mr Steele

This is a new club which is proving to be very popular learning the rules and skills involved in playing this sport.