4B Evolution Dance

Year 4 Evolution Dance 012

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4B Evolution dance to Austin Powers-Yeah baby!

On Friday  the  6th of  October  we  went  to  the  Sands centre at 12:00 pm and arrived at 12:15 for the  dance practice. We danced to a song from the Austin Powers film. The girls wore jazzy dresses that were luminous green or pink and the boys wore school trousers shirt/polo shirt and plimsolls. Around the boys necks they wore luminous green, stripy ties. Other primary schools that were there were:-Pennine Way ,Belle Vue,  Inglewood Junior, St Margaret Mary’s and Norman Street.  From Richard Rose school there was year 12, year 11, year 10 , year 9 and year 8. The Rocket theatre dance company performed as well.

700 people came  to watch us.  It  was nerve-racking at first but as soon as we started the dance it was exciting. It was a successful dance and we really enjoyed performing it on stage with all the lights and in front of the audience.

It was 100% AMAZING!!!

By Declan Agnew, Tasnim Ali and Ruby Scott 4B